Welcome to the BEST RDR


BEST-RDR(Best Expert System Technique - Ripple Down Rule) is freely accessible RDR publication and system warehouse that helps you to find programs and publications about RDR. A great amount of publications and programs based on RDR (MCRDR) are available to public.

What functions are availble in the BEST RDR search engine?

  • 1. We describes what Ripple Down Rules(RDR) is
  • Detailed description of RDR is available at About RDR

  • 2. We provides information of publications about RDR
  • We have RDR publication details from 1987-2013. Available at Publications

  • 3. We provides various RDR (MCRDR)system and applications
  • We provides sources of various RDR based system for download . Available at Programs